Tasting Oysters

How to taste oysters

It’s pretty similar to wine tasting (with notes and all), maybe even a bit more complex. Every variety, and oyster itself, is different—with each bite you experience many flavors and textures. Here is our guide to tasting oysters.

  1. See
    The first step in tasting is to look at each oyster. Do a little studying for extra credit. Take in all the beauty, from shells, shapes, and color. It’s also a good time to make sure that each oyster is full and hydrated with liquid (or oyster liquor) within each shell, without any sand.
  2. Smell
    Next, you’ll want to smell the oysters. Your oysters should smell sweet, like a light sea breeze.
  3. Sip
    Oyster liquor is meant to be savored. It gives a hint of the salinity of the oyster, prepping your palate for what’s to come. So, go ahead and sip but leave some for the next step…
  4. Slurp
    Next, we recommend jiggling the oyster meat loose, tilting the flat edge of the shell to your lips, and slurping.
  5. Savor
    This may surprise, but next, make sure to chew your oyster three to four times before swallowing. Not only will you experience the oyster’s full-body taste, but with each bite, its flavor may progress from briny to creamy, and perhaps even sweet. 
  6. Shell
    After enjoying your oysters, admire the beauty of the shell

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