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So How Does It All Work?

In response to the needs of Australian oyster growers in southern New South Wales Zapco Aquaculture has created the first cost-effective commercially available floating mesh bag system designed for farming of single seeded oysters. The Zapco Aquaculture system reduces set up and ongoing labor costs, increases oyster growth rates, reduces overcatch and promotes consistently uniform oyster shape which all leads to increased profitability for growers.

In addition to increasing profitability the system produces a positive environmental impact resulting in a more sustainable growing and farming process. Zapco Aquaculture’s floating mesh bag system incorporates a complete range of proven tested and purpose design products that partner the farmer from spat catching through to grow out.

Zapco Aquaculture is committed to continual development and improvement of their products to make sure growers have the best equipment available on the market. Zapco Aquaculture’s products and it’s floating mesh bag system are shaping the future of the shellfish industry.

Made by growers for growers.

Spat Traps

The unique Zapco aquaculture spat trap is specifically designed to enable oyster growers to catch single seeded oyster spat and it’s the first phase in the Zapco Aquaculture floating mesh bag system. The spat trap can be successfully used on either intertidal reckon rail or floating backbone systems depending on location. This easy-to-use spectrum includes 25 catcher slats capable of attracting 17,000 to 30,000 spat per trap. The catcher slats are made from especially developed flexible resin which is compounded with twenty percent calcium to attract the spat.

The slats are also extruded with micro grooves to hold the spat and assist with releasing of the spat. A simple bend and twist releases the spat ready for placing in Zapco aquaculture’s specially-designed oyster grow out tumbler to begin the initial growout process.

spat traps
grow out tumblers

Grow Out Tumblers

The Zapco Aquaculture grow out tumbler is the second phase of the Zapco Aquaculture floating mesh bag system. The tumbler was developed to promote faster growth in spat for both post and backbone line setups. The tumbler takes advantage of intertidal waters to generate a constant rotating movement so it operates in the same manner as an umbrella without the associated labor and machining costs.

Constant rotation allows all of the spat to receive a continual balance of algae feed because the spat are not stationary it promotes faster growth. The regular movement of the tumbler also allows the spat to form a uniform cupped shape creating a uniform sized spat. Zapco Aquaculture’s grow out tumbler is simple to use and is a well-tested method for increasing growth rate of spat and also for outgrowing oysters to market size.

Floating Mesh Bag System

The Zapco aquaculture floating mesh bag system results many of the grow-out issues which can affect the profitability of oyster farming. One of the major advantages of the system is the reduction of over-catch. Bags left in the water develop over-catch which can affect growth rate, appearance and quality of stock.

Removing over-catch is immensely cost and labor intensive. The Zapco Aquaculture floating mesh bag system is designed to enable easy flipping and stacking of the lightweight plastic bags so that they can dry for 24 to 36 hours in the water. This drying process can reduce over catch by 95% resulting in faster growth rates and superior appearance of oysters.

Zapco Aquaculture Aquaculture first developed the quick-release float bag for the farmers of Prince Edward Island in Canada so that they could sink mesh bags under the ice during the winter season. Following the success of this endeavor Zapco Aquaculture realized the potential for the quick release float bag to work in other locations such as those hit by severe weather conditions like the east coast of USA and in many other locations around the world the quick-release float bag allows mesh bags to submerge and sit on the bottom of the sea bed until the storm has past or during the winter periods when normal farming processes and not possible. The simple process protect stock and equipment by significant or loss of valuable stop during unfavorable weather.

oyster gardening floating bags

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